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Spend $75 get a FREE Serum & Free Shipping* | Use Code PEPTIDE
Spend $75 get a FREE Serum & Free Shipping | PEPTIDE

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  • Black Mineral Eyeliner Pencil

    Mineral Pencil Eyeliners - No Titanium Dioxide; Mica-Free Options!

    $ 19.00
    7 colors available

    The Mineral Pencil Eyeliner is filled with soothing natural oils and waxes, glides on smoothly, blends beautifully. Gentle and for the most sensiti...

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Omiana offers an outstanding variety of non-toxic-rated formulas with mineral and organic ingredients that perform: the array of formulas cater to those with specific ingredient needs, whether to meet their sensitivities, true allergies, or health views. Feel free to sort through the omissions and collections, use the filter to narrow the options, or contact us anytime!

The below display many of Omiana's products; here also is a list of popular collections:  High coverage makeup  |  Titanium dioxide-free makeup  |  Mica-free makeup  |  Samples  |  ALL Omiana products are without carmine, talc, gluten, nanoparticles, propylene glycol, parabens, and so, so much more!