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Patch Testing Makeup For Sensitive Skin

Patch Testing Makeup For Sensitive Skin

No doubt Omiana shuns the potentially toxic stuff and then some in all our makeup and skincare, but people can still be allergic to a good thing. If you have allergies or are not sure how your skin may respond to a new product, a patch test can be an excellent place to start.

Here's how

  • Start by eliminating all other possible irritation sources that could interact with assessing how Omiana products match with your skin.
  • Please cease from introducing other new products around the time that you are testing Omiana. 
  • Ensure that your makeup brushes are clean.
  • Apply product to a small area of your skin that is rather inconspicuous, such as a small patch on the jawline.
  • Please leave the product on the skin for over eight hours, if possible, so long as redness or irritation does not occur.
  • Remove product immediately if redness, swelling, or irritation does occur.


  • The best time to patch-test is not before a big event or outing.
  • Patch test at a time when you can allow time between a potential reaction and recovery.
  • If a reaction occurs, please discontinue the use of the product immediately. 
  • Clean the area thoroughly with non-toxic soap, and be sure not to aggravate the area with other products.

Omiana's goal is to provide the utmost non-toxic makeup and skincare suitable for even the most sensitive-skinned. Our ingredients are fully disclosed to help you select products based on your specific needs and sensitivities.