Pure Brow Products

Pure Brow Products

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Whether you need makeup with a specific omission, such as titanium dioxide-free, mica-free, boron nitride-free, ultramarine-free, and so many other options, enjoy viewing our fully-disclosed ingredients on each product page and utilize the sidebar filter to further winnow-down the selection. As always, contact us anytime--we're here to help!


Brow Cream - No Mica, Boron Nitride, Ultramarines, & More!

  Your quickest step to a polished look? Manicured brows! Here is your VEGAN, cruelty-free brow cream to simply apply with an angled brush. Did you know? This can also... Learn More

$ 24.99

Satin Highlighter Cream - for Cheeks, Lips, & Eyes - Mica-Free

Satin Highlighter Cream - for Cheeks, Lips, & Eyes - Mica-Free

You asked and we listened: a titanium dioxide-free highlighter that can double as eyeshadow! Velvety-soft, use a cruelty-free brush to apply a small amount of this creamy formula to desired... Learn More

$ 29.99

-$ 34.99

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