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Makeup for Eyes

  • Satin Highlighter Cream without titanium dioxide

    Satin Highlighter Cream - for Cheeks, Lips, & Eyes - Titanium Dioxide-Free, & More!

    $ 33.00
    3 colors available

    Titanium dioxide-free Satin Highlighter Cream that can double as an eyeshadow or wherever you need a little lit-from-within boost! Velvety-soft.  D...

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  • Multitasking Cream: Eye Primer | Highlighter | Bronzer - Mica-Free, and More!

    $ 33.00
    2 colors available

    Use as an eye primer, a highlighter, a creamy contour, and even a perfect concealer. To call it multifunctional is an understatement!  Details Ever...

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  • Omiana Vegan Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow

    Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow - Talc-Free, Paraben-Free, & More!

    $ 28.00
    9 colors available

    Natural and certified organic ingredient Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow. Outstanding color payoff and staying power in eight silky-smooth shades.  Detai...

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Enjoy choosing from Omiana’s cruelty free eye makeup selections.

Whether you are in search of a clean mascara without mica and titanium dioxide as well as typical no-go ingredients such as parabens, talc, GMOs, animal-tested ingredients, and so much more, or a black lengthening vegan mascara with no mica and no titanium dioxide that is brilliant at holding a curl and lengthening lashes without nasty chemicals, fillers, dyes, parabens, or a cruelty free mascara that conditions the lashes with a vitamin B complex while making them smoother and more manageable, Omiana has your beautiful lashes covered, no matter how sensitive - you've found your mica-free, titanium dioxide-free clean mascara for sensitive skin.

One of Omiana’s most popular cruelty free eye makeup products is our Mineral Pencil Eyeliners - no titanium dioxide and with mica-free options (for the matte shades). If you haven’t tried it, treat yourself to this Mineral Pencil Eyeliner filled with soothing natural oils and waxes that glides on smoothly and blends beautifully. Gentle for the most sensitive skin and eyes with a versatile range of creamy, long-lasting colors. Gentle and for the most sensitive skin and eyes. There is no titanium dioxide, no mica (for the matte shades), no parabens, no talc, no gluten, and no toxic ingredients. They glide on smoothly to define your eyes, blend beautifully, and last all day.

Another great choice for cruelty free eye makeup is our naturally beautiful Matte Loose Powder Eyeshadow. A soft and silky loose powder mineral shadow that glides on smoothly and blends with ease. Indulge yourself with naturally beautiful Matte loose mineral eyeshadows, without mica, without titanium dioxide, no carmine, talc, nanoparticles, tin oxide, chromium greens, and so much more. The 13 buildable, blendable shades impart matte color to your eyelids with an incredibly smooth po