Makeup Without Mica & Titanium Dioxide

Cosmetics without BOTH titanium dioxide (CI 77891*) AND mica is one of our core specialties: These are some of the purest formulas we can possibly make. Please view each product description to learn more about the best formula for you and the product's functionality, coverage, and more.

*titanium dioxide's other nomenclature is "CI 77891"; more often we are seeing companies use just this, so know that it's titanium dioxide.

Mission: Omission ™

People often come to Omiana nearly having given up on makeup but find what works within Omiana. Formulas are crafted in a USA GMP-upholding facility; cruelty-free; and cater to the most sensitive skin and those with specific ingredient needs.

Mission: Omission ™

Did you know? There are no established testing methods or standards in place to make products qualify to be non-comedogenic. We encourage learning which ingredients your skin favors and which truly clog or irritate, which is why we don't limit swap-outs or returns; we're here to help find your trusty go-to forever formulas.

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