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I love this concealer! I bought Ivory Fair and have very light skin. This concealer covers my blemishes without clogging my pores. The concealer hides my red blotches from scars. I absolutely love that when I put my power foundation over this it doesn't wipe off! It is super silky and I swear the ingredients like coconut oil help prevent dry skin as my blemishes heal.

Maria on Omiana's Large Creamy Matte Intense Coverage Foundation Pot

BEST Mineral Makeup EVER!

Brittany K. on Omiana's Loose Powder Foundation

Love the adaptive pressed powder. Perfect coverage and color is perfect for my complexion. Best of all, no titanium dioxide so no more watery stinging eyes or toxic powder to breathe in.

Gina on Omiana's Adaptive Pressed Powder Foundation

Mission: Omission ™

People often come to Omiana nearly having given up on makeup but find what works within Omiana. Formulas are crafted in a USA GMP-upholding facility; cruelty-free; and cater to the most sensitive skin and those with specific ingredient needs.

Mission: Omission ™

Did you know? There are no established testing methods or standards in place to make products qualify to be non-comedogenic. We encourage learning which ingredients your skin favors and which truly clog or irritate, which is why we don't limit swap-outs or returns; we're here to help find your trusty go-to forever formulas.

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