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Rich, super creamy, luxurious coverage achieved with an amazing array of ingredients to choose from! Enjoy choosing various shades and three formulation options. Some of the lipsticks are vegan while a slew contain beeswax. We never test on animals--not our finished products or raw ingredients. Matte shades do not contain mica. All are titanium dioxide-free and carmine-free.


Creamy Mineral Lipstick - Titanium Dioxide-Free with Mica-Free Options

  Without titanium dioxide, mica, GMOs, and even boron nitride, zinc oxide, and ultramarines, these incredibly slick and creamy lipsticks impart high coverage and color vivacity. Perfect for all skin tones and... Learn More

$ 24.99

Satin Highlighter Cream - for Cheeks, Lips, & Eyes - Mica-Free

Satin Highlighter Cream - for Cheeks, Lips, & Eyes - Mica-Free

You asked and we listened: a titanium dioxide-free highlighter that can double as eyeshadow! Velvety-soft, use a cruelty-free brush to apply a small amount of this creamy formula to desired... Learn More

$ 29.99

-$ 34.99

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