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FREE CLEANSER Orders $60+ | Click here to add to cart & use code CLEAN
FREE CLEANSER Orders $60+ | Click here to add to cart & use code CLEAN

Our Mission? OMISSION.

 Omiana graceful omits the harsh ingredients - with your most sensative skin in mind.

Naturally Conscious Makeup & Skincare for All

Many people often come to Omiana for natural and organic makeup and skincare products their sensitive skin can tolerate after nearly giving up on makeup. Here at Omiana, our mission is omission - meaning Omiana omits harmful additives or ingredients typically found in most makeup. 

The company's name is a blend of "Omission" and the woman's name "Ana" which means grace. Omi(mission)ana graceful omits harsh ingredients consumers are looking to avoid. Our full line of makeup and skincare products offers a variety of ingredient options, so you can choose the best product for you skin and needs. For example, if makeup without mica is preferred, Omiana has options available for you. We also offer makeup without titanium dioxide, although because some do want titanium dioxide for SPF and coverage, other options are available that do contain titanium dioxide. Every formula cannot be for everyone, as much subjectivity and varying preferences come into play. 

We are proud to offer an array of formulas with the ingredients fully disclosed so that you can select products based on their individual ingredient requirements. We are Omiana: the makers of naturally beautiful makeup and skincare. With a healing connection to nature through the expansive beauty of the Texas Hill country and the pure coastal beauty of the Pacific Ocean, all our nature-infused formulations help create a perfect state of bliss and wellness.

Omiana is a family-owned, family-run business based in the USA, and our products are made here. Our Customer Service and Product Development office is in Laguna Beach, CA, with our company's HQ in Austin, TX. We're an independent, boutique brand that is obsessed with the craft of making fabulous natural makeup and skincare for the ingredient savvy.

The Beginning

Omiana started in 2014 as a natural makeup brand for people with sensitivities or allergies to very specific ingredients. Our mission was to provide high performing makeup without the harmful additives or ingredients that typically are added. Since then, our clean beauty line has grown into an ever-expanding range of products. Omiana has developed a loyal following with over 70% of Omiana’s orders being repeat customers and the customer product reviews speak to the quality, performance, and brand trust. What we found is that not only people with sensitive skin were benefiting from Omiana’s products and philosophy, but also customers looking to care for their bodies and health in all aspects were turning to Omiana for high performing clean beauty products. We continue omitting all ingredients that can have a negative effect on various skin types and sensitivities. It isn’t just people with allergies who need to be aware of what they put on their skin - we all need to be!

Natural. Authentic. Beauty.

There is no “perfect” formula when it comes to beauty products - because everyone’s skin is unique. We are fully transparent about our ingredients, so you know exactly what you expose your body to. Our products are made for those who expect the best and want the most results from their makeup. Omiana’s non-toxic products will never make you choose between health and results or between natural and high-performance. You shouldn’t have to compromise your ideals when it comes to beauty. We craft makeup formulas with the most sensitive skin and health in mind. True to our founding mission, Omiana makeup will never contain parabens, phthalates, triclosan, talc, glycols, nanos, silicones, laureth-7 sulfate, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, synthetic preservatives, and many other potentially harmful ingredients.

We Put Ingredients First.

Omiana’s USA-made makeup and skincare is formulated with only the best available raw materials. We don’t do that to look good, but because it is necessary. From source to shelf, our ingredients are ethically sourced, never tested on animals, and certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny. In other words, we offer full disclosure because we have nothing to hide. You will only find honest information about our ingredients on our product pages and labels.

Family-Centered. Here to Help.

Our team is comprised of parents, athletes, veterans, students, and animal-lovers from across the globe. Flanked by nature's beauty, family-owned restaurants, historical buildings, organic cafes, and warm sunshine, Omiana's Customer Satisfaction and Product Development offices are located in a small California coastal city known for its many art galleries, coves, and beaches. To the west is a designated underwater park; to the east, trails meander through coastal canyons that offer mountain biking and hiking trails backdropped by the Pacific Ocean. Our products are manufactured to match - authentic, healthy, beautiful. The result is a luxury product that matches our customer's pure beauty.