It all started with a lot of love . . .


At Omiana we look at and advocate that others look at one's body holistically: Our bodies and visages are billboards telling the world how our inner body is functioning. If we have issues with our interiors, it's going to show on the outside. We want you to feel as beautiful and capable as you are! That's why we cater to various ingredient sensitivities: whether you are looking for titanium dioxide-free (titanium dioxide's other nomenclature is "CI 77891"; more often we are seeing companies use just this, so know that it's titanium dioxide) options, mica-free options, boron nitride-free options (and of course the many ingredients we always omit for you), Omiana is sure to have an array of products for you!


This company came to be after some little ones entered the world. One mom got very concerned about her ingredients, talked to other health-conscious mamas, and built a team of the most fabulous, fun, loyal, loving people! We are here to help you and hope we can relate and be, well, friends! Please message us anytime with product ideas, feedback, insights, preferences, and just to say hi! We are truly blessed to get to connect with your healthy, caring self! You can find our main customer care, manufacturing, and fulfillment offices in downtown Columbia, Missouri. ALL makeup and skincare products are manufactured in the USA and ship from central USA as well as the West Coast, via USPS, making shipping, on average, take only a couple days beyond order processing. Our teams are relaxing on the weekends, so please expect all order processing to occur Monday through Friday.


Aside from offering the most pure array of formulas to surely cater to your ingredient requirements and preferences, we hope we can connect with you on a personal level and let you know how cared-for and one-of-a-kind you are.


All-Natural Makeup

for Every Discerning Woman

We omit ingredients for women who have allergies to very specific ingredients and/or those who are incredibly privy to studies on some of the downsides of mineral makeup ingredients. From source to shelf, our ingredients are cruelty-free, never tested on animals: Omiana is certified by both PETA and Leaping Bunny. Almost all Omiana products are vegan - without any animal products at all - albeit beeswax is used in a few products, beeswax obtained in a kosher and cruelty-free fashion that ensure the continuation of the happy bees' production cycle. We think bees are, well, the bees' knees!


Most of our supporters care very much about animals, healthy living, and kicking skin conditions and whole-body issues to the curb. While we don't claim to treat or cure or prevent any issues, as we're not offering medical advice, every day customers message us saying they nearly gave up on makeup but then found formulas that work for them within Omiana. That makes our day.

Some Mineral Makeup and Natural Beauty Products Are Far from Safe!

Know Your Ingredients

Some lines use propylene glycol, talc, carmine, bismuth oxychloride, nanoparticle-sized titanium dioxide (CI 77891) coated with irritating coatings, other nanoparticles (ingredients can be in nanosized particle form, from iron oxides to boron nitride; micronized particles, a step up from nanos, are still a concern. Most brands do not know what size their particles are), and other ingredients we eschew.



Family-Centered + Here to Help!

We pride ourselves on always remembering the face, the person, the soul at the other end of an email or text, never objectifying customers - whom we view as supporters, friends - never boxing our supporters into a mold to suit a stodgy business "profits first" model - nope, no way. At the heart of Omiana is heart. We are a privately held, family-owned company catering to a very small niche - women with utmost sensitive skin and ingredient preferences, needing a variety of makeup omission options, such as titanium dioxide-free, mica-free, boron nitride-free (Omiana is always carmine-free, talc-free, cruelty-free, and so much more).


Flanked by family-owned restaurants, historical buildings, and organic cafes, Omiana's offices are on bustling Broadway, walking distance from parks and the University of Missouri. The rooms you first see when walking into Omiana's customer care are three sleek, contemporary, non-VOC-painted white with air-purifying plants and modern and industrial accents. Then, overlooking Broadway is a much different room, punctuated with primary colors, books, and piles of in-reach compostable diapers, our "classroom" - complete with easels, trampolines, eco toys, and comfy couches practically made for breastfeeding. Being one of the most family-friendly small companies will always be paramount to us. We don't want mamas to have to choose between attachment-style parenting and their careers. We believe in harmonizing them. It can make for unique hours and a boisterous, rowdy, sometimes white-noised environment, but we're just a speedy email or text away.


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