Frequently Asked Questions

  • Makeup & Health

    Which shades match me best?

    A speedy way to narrow-down the selection is to use the helpful sidebar filter (shown at the top of the site on phone views)! It enables you to shop by, say, undertones, skin type, benefit preferences (e.g., do you prefer oil-reducing benefits? Anti-aging?), and even lets you choose any ingredients we sometimes use that you may want to avoid. Also, we are happy to help via a photo, previous brand’s reference, description, etc.! While some subjectivity can always come into play, we offer samples for you in loose powders, blushes, bronzers, and the mineral veil. If a full-sized product you ordered doesn’t quite match, no worries—we can make and pay for your exchange label and do not limit exchanges; we keep all policies friendly and super flexible for you.

    Can I order samples of [product name]?

    We offer samples of the loose powder foundation, blushes, bronzers, and mineral veil, and are working to add to the list of products to come in sample sizes! You can order as many samples as you like. Please note that these are final sales; samples are non-refundable and not eligible for exchange.

    What is your exchange/refund policy, process, and time-frame?

    For makeup (please see the Clothing & Home Goods tab for similar policy on those products), for opened products wherein at least 90 percent of the product remains, we can accept an exchange. We will even make and pay for your exchange label in the USA. Please simply fill out this form here to get an exchange in motion.

    Once we receive your exchange, we will email a discount code to cover the full cost of your exchanged goods.

    For a refund, we do NOT charge you a restocking free, albeit product needs to be in its original condition, unopened and unused. (For clothing, it must be unwashed and with tags on; please see corresponding tab for more information). If we receive a makeup/skincare item and it's been opened and/or used, we'll issue a store credit that never expires.

    Please contact us within, ideally, seven to 14 days from receiving your order; tracking can show when your order arrived, so feel free to reference it via your Shipping Confirmation email. We understand that time flies and are here to help and make exceptions if you need us to; our systems exist tentatively and flexibly to help keep things smooth-flowing and speedy for you!

    Why do I see [insert specific ingredient here] in some products but not others? I.e., why is tocopheryl acetate in some products but then natural-derived vitamin E in others? Mica / titanium dioxide / boron nitride in some but not others, etc.?

    Our customers come to us with very specific ingredient requirements. We omit ingredients popular to other mineral makeup lines, even, albeit know that not every product is not for everyone: Ergo a huge variety, with various makeup ingredients taken out. For example, if you prefer makeup without mica, we have it. We also have makeup without titanium dioxide, although understand some do want titanium dioxide for SPF and coverage, which is why we now offer products with it, too. Many of our customers are sensitive to soy and wheat, common sources of naturally derived vitamin E; for this reason, while we use naturally derived vitamin E in plenty of products, we do also use tocopheryl acetate. Using the sidebar filter to narrow down collections so they contain the ingredients you prefer is a simple way to shop on Omiana. Also, we fully disclose all ingredients on each product page and the ingredients page.

    Are Omiana products safe for the most sensitive-skinned individuals / pregnant women / adolescents / etc.?

    Because Omiana does not contain detergents, chemicals, artificial fragrances that can irritate the skin, and offers the best array of ingredient omissions, these products are formulated for those with sensitive skin.

    While many of our customers are still in their formative, developing years and many women come to us because pregnant and cognizant of ingredients, please contact your health (doctor, midwife) professional with any relevant questions or concerns.

    If Omiana is non-toxic, why are reactions possible?

    As you know, anyone can be allergic to anything, even amazing-for-us ingredients can cause reaction in some. Probably you know somebody who is a testament to this fact, someone who is allergic to antioxidant-rich strawberries or omega-loaded nuts. We have heard of gals being sensitive to touted ingredients like organic aloe, rice powder, and even coconut oil - it happens! If you believe you've reacted to any amazing ingredients in an Omiana product, please let us know. Don't forget--we accept back even gently used product (for exchanges) and welcome returns, too.

    Are Omiana products certified organic? What else is so stand-out about the ingredients?

    Our manufacturing division implements our high standards in sourcing the best ingredients for you. Aside from finished products, even our raw ingredients are cruelty-free (that is, we would never test on animals and do not source from ingredient suppliers who do); Omiana is certified and held accountable by both PETA and Leaping Bunny, the latter of which does a stringent job of holding USA-based companies accountable when they claim cruelty-free status. Our particle sizes must not be nano-sized (nanoparticle) or even micro-sized (micronized). (To learn more about titanium dioxide and its particle size, coatings, and stability, check out this blog article.) When possible/applicable, Omiana uses the highest percentage of Certified Organic ingredients possible. Some ingredients cannot be certified as such, though, such as vitamin E, which is not available in an organic form (do pay attention to where the vitamin E comes from, though--e.g., wheat germ, which makes many company's 'tocopherol'/vitamin E non-gluten-free? Soybean? Rice bran? Tocopheryl acetate? Etc.), and non-agricultural products, such as minerals (which are inorganic by nature). The end result is that our products are as non-toxic as it gets, albeit 'organic' is not always relevant.

    Can Omiana products be used on individuals undergoing treatments?

    Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are ingredients common to mineral makeup and known anti-inflammatories. We offer some products without titanium dioxide but with zinc oxide; some with titanium dioxide but no zinc oxide; and some products without either. It is essential for healing skin to be protected from the sun, though, and both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide also offer natural sun protection. Minerals can also provide coverage, to varying degrees, and soothing properties. Application after treatments, whether skincare-geared or that focused on treating a disease/malady (e.g., chemotherapy), depends on your physician’s discretion.

    Which products do not contain ultramarine blue / titanium dioxide / mica / [insert specific ingredient here]?

    As far as ultramarine is concerned, it is used in only a few Omiana products to achieve a specific tone/undertone (E.g., purples, blues). To view products in a collection that are without ultramarines, just click 'no ultramarines' in the sidebar. Then, the collection will display only products without it. Shop all titanium dioxide-free makeup here, mica-free products here, and continue to utilize the sidebar filter to winnow-out more ingredients you may prefer to do without.

    Is Omiana gluten-free? How about vegan?

    As far as ultramarine is concerned, it is used in only a few Omiana products to achieve a specific tone/undertone (E.g., purples, blues). To view products in a collection that are without ultramarines, just click 'no ultramarines' in the sidebar. Then, the collection will display only products without it. Shop all titanium dioxide-free makeup here, mica-free products here, and continue to utilize the sidebar filter to winnow-out more ingredients you may prefer to do without.

    Are iron oxides safe? Do they contain heavy metals? Are they from nature or synthetic?

    Iron oxides as colorants in makeup (makeup otherwise would not be capable of exuding color) are put through stringent processes to purify them: It is our belief that iron oxides, when as pure as they can get, are the safest FDA-approved colorant --

    Iron oxides are made in a lab for safety assurance; in the case of iron oxides, those found in nature often contain impurities, contaminated with heavy metals like arsenic, mercury, cadmium, and nickel. This is an example of natural not always being safer--the lab-produced variety are the way to go in the case of the safest colorant option for cosmetics. Without iron oxides, makeup would have no color. They are rated non-toxic and the choice colorant go-to for the safest cosmetics. Iron oxides are known to be gentle and aren’t known to be allergenic. Other makeup, even mineral makeup ingredients that they're formulated alongside with, could be causing someone irritation, though.

    With iron oxides, we source those of which are not nanoparticle or even micronized in size. Most suppliers of iron oxides provide them in micronized and nanoparticle size, which is another beast in of itself.

    In the case of coloring makeup, it is our research-driven belief that lab-created and -tested non-nanoparticle iron oxides are the best way to color makeup. We do not use dyes, carmine, chromium greens, or color-aiding ingredients that may seem 'natural' but risk bacterial contamination.

    Is Omiana making any claims? E.g., do you have clinical studies? Anti-aging, SPF, and other claims?

    As you know, many companies utilize clinical study results to bolster their marketing campaigns--e.g., you can see some far-from-non-toxic brands touting their "anti-aging" capacity and other "results" to ramp up their marketing initiatives. Unfortunately, any company can utilize verbiage like "non-comedogenic" or "non-pore-clogging" or "for sensitive skin!"

    In fact, there is no regulation or testing necessary for companies to utilize the word "natural" in their marketing efforts. Many brands even use the word "organic" in their brand name or mantra without any groundwork beyond that. Think about how many companies are using green colors, leaves in their logos, and so much more just to tap into your psyche and try to get you to believe they're 'natural' and 'safe.'

    We are privately-held and choose to direct our attention on being as fully transparent for you as we can possibly be, continuing to add more shades and various formulas to the repertoire so you have ample options to choose from, disclosing every last ingredient for you, so you can discern for yourself how pure Omiana products are. We're not going to invest into gimmicks to try to earn your trust (not to say that some clinical studies aren't valuable--indeed some can be; for example, when/if we have more SPF ratings, we'll proudly alert you accordingly); these pure products themselves will nurture your skin and allay your health-conscious concerns as you need them to. Our goal is to produce the purest products for you; rather than turning to clinical studies for anti-aging claims, non-comedogenic claims, and other often arbitrary claims, we lay it all out for you with detailed product descriptions, full ingredient disclosure, and efforts via our newsletters, social media, and detailed blog posts to keep you informed. Please view each product page to see valuable information, ingredients, and more, and let us know how we can help!

    Do you have any EWG ratings? Where can I find them?

    On this ingredients page and on many of the individual product pages, in the product description, you can find EWG ratings for Omiana products!

  • Clothing & Home Goods

    What size do I order?

    We totally understand that all of our beautiful customers are different shapes and sizes, and sometimes it is difficult to shop online because you can't try anything on! We have created a tentative, approximate sizing guide to help you decide which size would be best for you, although we provide you with specific details about each product in the description, so don't forget to check there for the ultimate information on a select product! If you still have questions about that dress you're lusting after, just drop us a line at, and we will try to provide any information you need to make your decision! Happy shopping!

    I’m unsure about a size or I have a fit question. Where do I find this information?

    Please see our general sizing guide for approximate information, although the product listings and their detailed descriptions provide the best information on each product. If you still have questions about a specific item or measurement guidelines, get in touch with us at, and we’ll be happy to help!

    Why do you offer only USA-made clothing? Would it be cheaper for the company and consumer if you were importing clothing from overseas?

    In all likeliness it would be cheaper, perhaps even much cheaper, for us to simply source clothing from overseas; however, after being made aware of too many unfair factory and working conditions occurring overseas, we have chosen not to dapple in that supplier pool and to do our best to keep jobs here in America, and in doing so, contribute to the local economies in which our employees live. "Sweatshop-free" and USA-made is not about criticizing our competitors' sourcing preferences; it is about attempting something we believe is right until more consistent, verifiably fair and humane conditions exist without question overseas. It comes down to not blindly outsourcing and knowing the faces of our partners, team members, and providing them the opportunity to make a fair wage and grow in their career paths and, along with us, as good people always looking to help each other become the best versions of ourselves.

    Please note: Even though our clothing is sourced from the USA only (and makeup and skincare manufactured here, too!), we hire from all creeds and nations, of course, so if you are in the USA and interested in a career with Omiana, by all means, contact us!

    What is your exchange/refund policy, process, and time-frame with clothing and home goods?

    Like with our makeup and skincare, for clothing & home goods, we accept both exchanges and returns: For exchanges, we will even make and pay for your exchange label in the USA. Once we receive your exchange, we will email a discount code to cover the full cost of your exchanged goods OR we will replace your item with a new size or color, dependent upon the option you had chosen when filling out the online exchange form.

    For a refund, we do NOT charge you a restocking free, albeit product needs to be in its original condition, unopened and unused. For exchanges and returns, clothing must be received unwashed, unworn, and in new condition. Items must be returned with original tags still attached.

    Home decor items must be returned unopened in their original packaging. If the seal is open or tag/packaging is removed from home decor items they are not returnable.

    Damages must be reported within 3 days of receiving merchandise or cannot be returned.

    Items returned to us with makeup, deodorant, perfume, or similar product stains will be shipped back to you and are subject to additional shipping costs; thank you for understanding!

    Please contact us within, ideally, seven to 14 days from receiving your order; tracking can show when your order arrived, so feel free to reference it via your Shipping Confirmation email. We understand that time flies and are here to help and make exceptions if you need us to, but thank you for caring about our team members and smooth-flowing systems in place to make shopping on Omiana the most seamless experience for you and great work environment here so we can continue to provide the best for you!

  • Account

    How secure is this site?

    Your best shopping experience and maintenance of your privacy is important and, rest assured, protected when you shop with us. A few ways we protect your privacy include the following: Utilization of a private Secure Sockets Layer (SSL); regular security scans; a dedicated IP address; log monitoring; PCI compliance; and our secure payment gateway. We will not sell or disclose your private information: any information we garner from you is strictly for Omiana's goal to provide you with healthy beauty products. Please contact us with any questions and rest assured that our shopping platform is the ultimate when it comes to security. Happy shopping!

    What kinds of emails do you send to newsletter subscribers?

    You surely have plenty of emails making their way into your inbox; we will only occasionally send you fun, insightful health and beauty news and, of course, exclusive promotional and percentage-off codes.

    What are the benefits to creating an account?

    There are many benefits to creating an account on! Keep track of your product favorites by building up your wishlist and even send your wishlist to others (birthday ideas? Hey, give your loved ones a gentle cue as to what Omiana goods you'd like!); easily access your previous orders; when you checkout, after creating an account, relevant information will be pre-populated to save you time!

  • Shipping

    How long does order processing and shipping take?

    We take one to three days, on average, to fulfill orders, Monday through Friday. This means that your order will ship-out approximately one to three days after it's placed. Shipping itself takes, on average for US orders via USPS, two to four days (excluding Sundays). Omiana will publicly provide a notice (e.g., banner, etc.) and/or contact customers if there are potential exceptional delays (e.g., inclement weather affecting outgoing packages; holiday traffic, etc.) in processing and/or shipping. Expedited shipping may be possible--just message us to inquire.

    Help! I inputted my order but need to revise my shipping address!

    Need to change the ship-to address? If the package is not yet in the mail, contact us immediately. Please understand that we have no control over packages once they are in the mail.

    How do I track my order?

    When you place an order with us, you will get an automated confirmation email. Then, after our team has filled your order, you will get an automated shipping confirmation email from us. This contains a link with your tracking number. Didn't receive your confirmation email? We could still be processing your order: Our team does not fill orders on weekends, just Monday through Friday, and they need an average of just a few hours up to a two to three days to process orders. USPS takes over, taking another two to four days (on average) to ship within the USA. Also, it's possible that your confirmation email landed in your spam folder; please check! If you need us to resend your email with your tracking, just message us and we will resend it to you so long as your order has shipped already.

    Tracking shows my order was delivered, but I didn't receive it; what now?

    Often, carriers will leave packages in places where they think will be safest, e.g., inside an open garage; atop a car (if you have dogs); besides a bush, etc.; please check such locations. Rarely, deliveries may be made to the wrong locations, too (e.g., down the street; next door; if at an apartment, at the front desk, etc.). If the above does not help locate your package, please try contacting the carrier and we are here to help, too. Please note: Carriers may update a tracking number in advance to depict the day that it is projected for delivery; their updated tracking locations are not always perfectly accurate. Please note the incredible rarity of a truly lost package by theft: Theft of mail is a federal crime. If you are in a location of which you believe mail-theft might occur, contact us prior to ordering/right after ordering so we can require a confirmation signature.

    To which countries do you ship?

    From Canada to Africa to Australia, we ship to many locations across the globe! However, the following countries are not on our ship-to capacity at this time (Please subscribe to our newsletter to get updates as to when we ship/resume shipping to any of the following): Albania; Andorra; Armenia; Austria; Belarus; Belgium; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Bouvet Island; Brazil; Bulgaria; Cook Islands; Croatia; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Denmark; Estonia; Faroe Islands; Finland; France; French Polynesia; Georgia; Germany; Gibraltar; Greece; Greenland; Great Britain; Guadeloupe; Guernsey; Holy See; Hungary; Iceland; Iran; Ireland; Isle of Man; Italy; Kiribati; Kosovo; Latvia; Liechtenstein; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Republic of Macedonia; Malta; Republic of Moldova; Monaco; Montenegro; Nauru; Netherlands; New Caledonia; Niue; Norfolk Island; Norway; Papua New Guinea; Pitcairn; Poland; Portugal; Reunion; Romania; Samoa; San Marino; Serbia; Slovakia; Slovenia; Solomon Islands; Spain; Sudan; Sweden; Switzerland; Syria; Timor Leste; Tokelau; Tonga; Turkey; Tuvalu; United Kingdom; Ukraine; Vanuatu; Vietnam; Wallis and Futuna.

    Does Omiana have distributors or retail in my country?

    We are open to retail/distributor relations but do not yet have a list of international distributors of Omiana available at this time. If you are a retail owner or distributor or recommend one, feel free to email us.

  • Retail

    Which stores are you in?

    Currently we are online only and looking to expand into retail at the end of 2016. We understand that online shopping can be a land for the brave, which is a large factor in why we've such a friendly exchange/return policy in place for you!

    I would like to sell Omiana in my store; where can I get more wholesale information?

    We are very discerning with whom we wholesale, but if you think your store has a similar mission and vibes, feel free to email us to express your interest; we can get a great rapport started and send you our wholesale form.

    I have some stores in mind I'd love to see Omiana in; who do I contact?

    Get in touch with us via email and let us know where you'd like to see Omiana! While we will always remain here, online, for you, open 24/7, we'd love to know where you'd like to see the products in stores!

  • Media

    I'd like to review Omiana products and/or conduct a giveaway on my blog. . . .

    Please email us and we will fill you in!

    I would like to sell Omiana in a trunk show/direct sales fashion; do you offer this?

    We offer a referral program, wherein no upfront Omiana inventory is required. You simply need to be a loyal customer, attain a unique ID code from us, and refer your friends, having them input your unique code upon their checkout. We will pay directly into your PayPal account. More details to are here!

    I am a celebrity / makeup artist / creative director and would like Omiana for my clients. . . .

    Please email us for more details on partnerships!

  • Policies

    What if I need to exchange or return a product?

    In order to ascertain that you select the right shades of pure makeup, we suggest purchasing samples first, when applicable; samples are available for loose powder foundations, bronzers, blushes, and the mineral veil. Please contact us with any questions and if you would like to exchange a full-sized product. We do accept even slightly used (please ensure at least 90 percent of the product remains) products within 14 days from purchase for an exchange! Most companies require that product be un-opened, but we know that you may need to contemplate shade-matching and are happy to help with exchanges.

    Returns can occur with unopened product. Upon receipt, product will be inspected for unused status, then you will see your refund reposted to your original payment method, save shipping costs. No restocking fees--we've got your back! Please view our Exchange/Return page for potential future updates.

    What disclaimers do you provide?

    Omiana products are formulated with research-driven ingredients of which are known to be non-irritating. Despite this, Omiana can make no absolute assurances or guarantees about how our products will affect users. Sometimes people react to even 'good' ingredients.


    First try a patch test, assessing a small area to ensure non-adverse reaction

    If adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use immediately. Do consider other products and potential sources of reaction, too, truly evaluating the potential culprit of the adverse response

    Purchase samples before purchasing larger sizes, when applicable. Please see our friendly exchange/return policy

    Utilize the resources on this site: e.g., product descriptions, directions, ingredient listings, testimonials, and our sidebar filters to help you choose exactly what you are looking for

    Products are for external use only. If ingested, seek medical help or contact Poison Control immediately. Rinse avidly if in contact with eyes, and call a physician accordingly. Keep out of reach of children.

    Photographs intend to optimally depict products; however, computer monitors differ, therefore potentially affecting perceptions. It’s recommended that you purchase samples before purchasing larger sizes.

    All material put forth by Omiana of Oloria, LLC, in conjunction with Epic Mineral Beauty, LLC, is for educational/informational purposes only: The statements made about products have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Research findings, anecdotes, and declarations may not be applicable to all. Omiana / Epic Mineral Beauty content and products are not claiming to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any condition or disease. Statements, recommendations, and information herein should be addressed by your physician.

    Prices, packaging, etc., are subject to change. For updates, please view of Disclaimers page.

    What are your store terms of use / policies?

    Learn more about our store's terms here.

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