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Where to Buy Omiana

The journey in finding products that agree with your skin can seem like a dauntless, endless quest! We have every hope you will find a slew of go-to, perfect formulas among Omiana! is the main source of Omiana products. We operate out of central and southern USA, which allows for speedy shipment to domestic locations, and we offer speedy shipping options for non-USA locations, too!

You can choose samples among the foundations, blushes, bronzers, and mineral veil in sample sizes here. The products that are full sizes only, as of now, include lipsticks, lip glosses, lip liners, eyeliners, eyeshadows, concealers, and perhaps a few more newer formulas. We aim to have more and more sample sizes available for you. If, though, after ordering a full size you would need another shade/product (exchange), in-store credit, or return on any such item, don't hesitate to contact us so we can help: We keep our policy super friendly and are here to make exceptions anytime should you need us to because we know buying full-sizes online can be for the brave!


As far as seeing and testing Omiana out in stores, most of our savvy, loyal fans shop directly on Product photos are super accurate, and the sidebar filter is a great tool to further narrow-down any collection, whether you want to narrow it by your skin undertone, skin type, or even filter out more ingredients. 

As for updates on our potentially choosing to get into retail locations, the newsletter is a great way to stay in-tune with Omiana happenings. We do have many, many savvy people asking that we hurry and get into retail.


As far as protecting our savvy Omiana supporters shopping online, the site is the most secure there could be online! A few ways we protect you on Omiana include the following: Utilization of a private Secure Sockets Layer (SSL); regular security scans; a dedicated IP address; log monitoring; PCI compliance; and our secure payment gateway. We will not sell or disclose your private information: any information we garner from you is strictly for Omiana’s goal to provide you with healthy beauty products! Thousands upon thousands trust Omiana; you can see from our top-rated non-toxic scores and reviews online as well as on each Omiana product page.


Here is a page (please click) with the ingredients all one place for your reference, or, when you view a product, the product description also offers fully disclosed ingredients for the product being viewed. Also, here is a list of many ingredients we avoid for you, although it doesn't stop there! 

Need help shade-matching? Here is a page with such info we like to glean from you that can help us help you find the best products on Omiana! Each product page has details (below the product photo) as to what the ingredients, benefits, coverage, and related features are. If we can answer questions about a specific product/provide more info, just let us know! If you ever need to do an exchange/store credit/return/etc. with us, don't hesitate to email; we are here to help. Thank you for your ingredient and manufacturing discernment! Happy choosing!