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5 Tips for Self-Care

a couple partaking in massage and self-care

5 Tips for Self-Care

Despite being largely separated from each other right now, the relationships we have with those closest to us have - if anything - come into sharper focus. At Omiana, we’re all about taking care of your skin with our natural makeup ranges, however, instead of focusing on our vegan makeup, hypoallergenic makeup or even our cruelty-free makeup here, we now look at some tips on self-care, so we’re in better shape to help out others.

The care we are able to provide for each other as parents, educators, motivators, friends, and spouses are as important now as it has ever been, however, we’re only able to do so if we’re happy and healthy ourselves. So, sit back and relax while we offer up 5 tips on keeping yourself physically, mentally and emotionally stable during the lockdown.

Tip #1 - Stay Active

Our natural makeup keeps you looking good on the outside, but staying active and exercising regularly will keep you feeling good on the inside too. When you exercise, you cause your body to produce endorphins that interact with your brain’s receptors to help you feel good. Include a daily walk around the block or a jog around the park in your routine and you’re much less likely to feel down during isolation.

Tip #2 - Keep Your Beauty Routines

Another important part of your day is your beauty routine, as taking care of your skin is an integral part of your physical and emotional wellbeing. We’re not necessarily talking about walking around the house in full natural makeup, but you should at least keep cleansing, toning, and moisturizing so that your skin remains in good condition. Keeping this routine going will help provide a sense of normality.

Tip #3 - Eat Well

It likely goes without saying, but eating well is so important, as a healthy body goes hand in hand with a healthy mind. Right now, you could be excused for turning to less-healthy comfort food, but now that our grocery stores and supermarkets are returning to something like normal, you should try including fresh fruit and vegetables on your shopping list. Your body will thank you for it!

Tip #4 - Get Dressed for Online Work/School

Another neat trick to help provide a little more structure to your day is to get dressed for working online or doing school work on the internet. The easiest thing to do is to get up at the start of the day and remain in your PJ’s all day, but if you do this for long enough, it will get more and more difficult to separate days from each other. Get dressed and prepared like you always would and life will seem so much more like normal.

Tip #5 - Mindfulness 

The last tip on our list is to practice mindfulness - mediation or prayer, as people of all ages can benefit from the calming effect it can have on body and soul. Spend just 10 minutes each day meditating or praying in a quiet area and you’ll find yourself calmer, more aware of your surroundings and less wound up by the things that life throws at you. 

Not only adults, but children can benefit from mindfulness as well. Young children may be experiencing new emotions arising from social distancing, or from the unknowns and concerns they see, feel and hear from the adults around them. If you are looking for a no-screen tool for kids, there are affordable devices like those available at that assist the mindfulness meditation process and make it more fun.

Keep Calm & Stay at Home

So, there you have it. Just a few things to help you stay happy as well as healthy during isolation. The lockdown will finish at some point and life will return to normal. However, in the meantime, if you employ even just one or two of the tips we’ve shown you here today, we trust that you will have an easier and more balanced time.

If you find yourselves running out of makeup so that you can carry out tip number three, visit us online at where you’ll find our full range of natural makeup, hypoallergenic makeup, cruelty-free makeup and more. We’re still operating, so getting our products to your door is just a click of the mouse away.

Just remember to keep yourself active, eating healthy and enjoying as many as your typical daily routines as you can. Above all, stay home (if you can) and stay safe.