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5 Natural Organic Omiana Makeup Brand Formulas You Will LOVE!

Natural makeup . . . organic makeup . . . natural organic makeup . . . eco makeup . . . pure cosmetics . . . healthy cosmetics . . . these terms get tossed around so much these days, it's no surprise truly green, health-aware cosmetics companies are getting lost in the muddle of corporate big-dogs' greenwashing. Thing is, a green leaf on the packaging, a tree for a logo, or "organic" in the name of a product or company should not sell anyone on how "natural" something is. Greenwashing is rife in this society because even the big dogs see they can dominate the category. Truly natural makeup? Is hard to find. Natural and organic makeup that performs - that actually works well - shouldn't get lost in the mix of all the noxious formulas masquerading as "natural."

While we have an article on greenwashing vs. what makes a "natural brand" really natural, this article and collection focuses on Omiana's natural formulas that get touted for being the best formers, the MVPs on 

A common thread we hear among our newest customers' concerns with natural makeup is this: They're not sure the formulas will perform. Most need guidance in the often-daunting quest of switching their makeup over to all-natural, and no one wants to invest in products that have great ingredients but seem to disappear after a few hours of wearing them. . . .

We have great news: truly natural makeup can parallel traditional formulas' functionality and performance. Not every product can do it, not every company has this mastered, and there are plenty of natural formulas on the market that don't perform, and probably more formulas that do perform and are called "natural" but are far from it . . .

Omiana does have natural formulas that deliver excellent color payoff, staying power, and coverage. Now, that's not to say we don't have some semi-sheer options (we do, on purpose, for those who prefer subtle coverage!) or that you won't have favorites (sure, you're going to play favorites - that's human nature!). Here, below, are Omiana's top performers as rated on this criteria:

- Omiana customers time and time again tell us they repeatedly order these products for their buildable or even high coverage and/or buildable or vivid color payoff

- Omiana supporters tell us, at a significant rate, these products stay put for them. Anecdotally we've heard about their impressive staying power through sports, weddings, outdoor events, and travel.

- The Omiana team formulated with coverage, vivacity, and/or payoff and staying power as a major goal

- Professional makeup artists and our anecdotal-based testing supports these statements.

This top-performing list surely extends beyond ten products, and what might fall on this list for one savvy customer might not be on here for another: subjectivity comes into play, even with our above vetting criteria. Ingredients come into play. See below or you can start with the general top sellers to see what else especially flies off our shelves; get some Q&A insights; or contact us for another starting point. Additionally, view our friendly return policy and learn about Omiana's ingredients.

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