Two-Ingredient Loose Powder Shimmer Eyeshadows (5 Shades) - No Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Clay, & More!

$ 12.99


Special Features:

  • Vivid shimmer and medium to intense coverage without titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, dyes, clay, even, and more!
  • Formulated with only two ingredients, these eyeshadows can be applied with an angled brush and double beautifully as eyeliner
  • NEVER any talc, nanoparticles, micronized particles, gluten, and so many other typical ingredients!
  • Only a handful of ingredients; from source to shelf, cruelty-free
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No titanium dioxide, carmine, talc, nanoparticles, tin oxide, chromium greens, and so much more! Vivid, lasting shimmery color payoff. Perfect for all skin types, albeit if you are sensitive to mica, please shop the matte mica-free products. 


Color payoff is especially vivid if/when you 'foil' the eyeshadow: That is, use a dampened brush (eyeshadow and/or angled) and apply as you desire. This technique is a great route for using eyeshadow as eyeliner or making one's eyelids especially vibrant with stay-put shimmer!


Shade descriptions, listed alphabetically:

Bronzed Chestnut Shimmer is a high-shimmer bronze

Brown Shimmer is a classic neutral brown

Cordovan Shimmer is a high-shimmer purple with neutral and bronze tones

Golden Olive Shimmer combines high-shimmer olive, green, and bronze tones

Terracotta Shimmer is a high-shimmer bronze with ruddy, southwestern-red tones


2 g  |  .07 oz.


non-toxic makeup

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*Mica for shimmer: If you are sensitive to mica, please shop the mica-free products.





In order to ascertain that you select the right shades of pure makeup, we suggest purchasing samples first, when applicable; samples are available for loose powder foundations, bronzers, blushes, and the mineral veil. Our Exchange and Return processes are here to help you! Please visit this page for Exchange and Return forms and more information.


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