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Omiana: The Brand for Sensitive Skin & Health Buffs

The journey in finding products that agree with your skin can seem like a dauntless, endless quest! At Omiana, we have every hope you will find a slew of go-to, perfect formulas here. So often people come to us nearly having given up on makeup but then find what works within Omiana!

We have different allergies, sensitivities, and ingredient needs, which is why there's no one-formula-for all out there, why Omiana offers an array of omissions, and why we know it can sometimes even take a few returns and exchanges to get your perfect Omiana forever formulas - and why we have samples available on a handful of our top-sellers! 

The below are what we currently offer in sample size - they often sell out, so feel free to choose a few among each range if desired. Please evaluate in natural light for your best assessment of each shade. Samples are final sales.