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Pure & Truly Natural Makeup Options

Has makeup--maybe even mineral makeup--made your skin itch? Do you have little bumps? Straight-up allergies? Simply health-savvy? That expensive mineral makeup you just bought because it's big-name and everybody uses it and the woman at the counter said it's amazing because of its argan oil / great reviews / "pure" in the brand's name / full coverage / pretty packaging / yada-yada-yada? Might totally be irritating -- if not endangering -- you. In fact, many lines use irritating bismuth oxychloride, which is related to arsenic, nano-sized titanium dioxide (CI 77891), mica, and other ingredients that Omiana / Epic Mineral Beauty shuns. We aim to offer you the best variety of pure formulation options to cater to your ingredient preferences and skin's needs.


Below is the full collection of makeup; if you need to shop makeup without a specific ingredient, consider these collections (or use the sidebar to winnow-down ingredients sometimes in Omiana / Epic products.): Makeup without titanium dioxide  /  makeup without mica  /  makeup without both titanium dioxide and mica  /  makeup without boron nitride  /  and please note that we never use bismuth oxychloride, talc, gluten, nanoparticles, mysterious particle coatings, parabens, and more (see the full list on what we shun for you here).